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Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA • MASTER PLAN


Drexel University tasked Rickes Associates with providing benchmarking and space projections as part of a comprehensive campus master planning team effort.

Founded in 1891, Drexel University (DU) is a top-ranked research university comprised of nine colleges and five professional schools on three campuses in the city of Philadelphia. Drexel currently enrolls 19,000 FTE students and encompasses some 2.2 million assignable square feet in total. Drexel is particularly noted for its Engineering programs and Co-op learning model.

As part of the Campus Master Planning team, Rickes Associates explored overall institutional benchmarking comparisons and developed customized space projections for academic and administrative space at the University. Specific peer space benchmarking comparisons were also prepared for Drexel’s College of Medicine, one of the largest private medical schools in the country.

Alongside a review of existing documents and an analysis of University data, interviews of faculty and administrators were held. These interviews helped determine current and future space needs across the institution, providing valuable information about new academic programs and current space constraints. In addition, an assessment of current instructional space utilization data helped inform classroom needs.

These efforts formed the foundation for space projections through 2021, reflective of planned enrollment growth and strategic goals. The study’s space recommendations quantified and described space requirements tailored to the needs of each of the University’s campuses, schools, and colleges.