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Hostos Community College


Hostos Community College Classroom Space Utilization Assessment

Rickes Associates conducted a comprehensive utilization analysis of the College’s general-purpose classrooms and determined current and 2020 projected classroom space needs.

Hostos Community College, a unit of the City University of New York (CUNY), is a growing, urban campus that, at the time of this study served 4,800 full-time equivalent (FTE) students in the Bronx, New York and is expected to enroll 6,300 FTE students by 2020. Rickes Associates (RA) conducted a Classroom Space Utilization Assessment to aid the College in planning for its current and projected classroom space needs.

For the study, RA focused on quantitative course scheduling data from Fall 2014 and qualitative data gathered from eight targeted administrative interviews that addressed topics such as the classroom scheduling process, restrictions on classroom use, and issues regarding classroom capacities, furniture, and technology. Potential changes in enrollment and pedagogy were also explored.

Careful review of the data demonstrated a current need for 69 appropriately-sized classrooms occupying approximately 50,000 assignable square feet (ASF), using a modest ASF per seat allowance of 20, acknowledging the physical constraints imposed by the existing facilities. An additional analysis based on CUNY guidelines that call for classrooms to be scheduled 38 hours per seven-day week, which included all Fall 2014 credit- bearing courses, events and activities, and continuing education courses, yielded a current need for 70 classrooms.

Assuming enrollment increases by an anticipated 30 percent to 6,300 FTE, there will be a demand for 80 classrooms. While this is fewer than the existing 98 classrooms, these spaces would ideally occupy 68,600 ASF versus the existing 53,256 ASF. Given that this future need exceeds the total classroom square footage as now assigned, the outcome revealed that both renovation and new construction will be required, as will changes to scheduling policies and practices, in order to provide Hostos with an appropriate distribution of classrooms.