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Lehigh University


Lehigh University Campus Master Plan

Rickes Associates conducted a space benchmarking study and a general-purpose instructional space utilization and demand analysis to support the creation of a new Master Plan for Lehigh University.

Lehigh University, founded in 1865, is a private research institution located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Its four colleges enrolled a total of 4,766 undergraduate and 2,270 graduate students at the time of the study.

Assignable square feet per station, hour utilization, and seat occupancy were examined for 106 general-purpose classrooms and compared to current planning guidelines using the most recent scheduling and enrollment data available for 410 daytime courses. The same data was used to determine the capacity distribution and assignable square feet of classroom space needed to satisfy current instructional demand. Rickes Associates (RA) also provided a review of, and commentary on, a prior instructional space utilization report prepared by the University, evaluating its methodology and findings against industry standards and RA methodology and findings.

The benchmarking study compared Lehigh’s distribution of existing space and assignable square footage per full-time equivalent student for all space type categories to the same metrics at seven peer institutions.