In the News

Media references to Rickes Associates

  • A Century of Campus Planning Past, Present, and Future, Facilities Manager, July/August 2014
    Facilities Manager magazine speaks to Dr. Persis C. Rickes on the accessibility of today’s higher education to the general public.

  • How Much Campus Do You Need, The Presidency, Summer 2013
    A closer look by the American Council on Education to better understand how much campus is really needed for institutions to plan for the future.

  • “Helping Campuses Pave a Brighter Future,” Forbes Magazine, March 14, 2011
    Rickes Associates is featured in the Boston Women in Business  section. The profile highlights the company’s success over the last 20 years and how founder Dr. Persis C. Rickes and Vice President Monica C. Meyerhoff, M.Ed. lead a world-class team of higher education experts.

  • To Monitor Office Behavior, Colleges Add Windows to Professors’ Doors, Chronicle of Higher Education, October 10, 2010
    Dr. Persis C. Rickes comments on how faculty members will go to great lengths to preserve privacy.

  • Special Planning for Special Spaces by Ann Arbor, Society for College and University Planning, 1997
    Dr. Persis C. Rickes was privileged to curate a selection of articles from SCUP’s journal, Planning for Higher Education, focusing on the variety of physical facilities present on a college or university campus.