Rickes Associates

The Road Ahead

Are you deliberating about how to best leverage your instructional spaces to accommodate social distancing?

Rickes Associates has been exploring ways to quantify the impacts of social distancing on instruction. We can quickly and efficiently model alternative scheduling scenarios based upon:

  • Current classrooms & labs
    What are your socially distanced room capacities?
  • Scheduling block scenarios
    How can you change your scheduling to optimize room use and minimize need for cleaning between classes?
  • Split semesters
    What is the impact of splitting the semester into two 7-week sections?
  • Hybrid instruction
    How can you best leverage a combination of on-line and face-to-face instruction?
  • Conversion of space to instructional use
    Where are the opportunities to press non-instructional space into use?
  • Serving select student populations
    Lab students only?  Freshmen only?  Seniors only?


We share your concern in this challenging time. Let’s have a discussion to see how we can support your decision- making.

As higher education futurists and strategists, our planning projects are solution-oriented and data-driven, linking an institution’s strategic goals with physical space requirements. Higher education institutions engage us to resolve a variety of planning challenges: optimizing and right-sizing existing campus space, assessing classroom utilization, identifying the nature and quantity of potential new space, creating campus space inventories, aligning academic programs to need, and helping institutions become more future-resilient.